PLANNING: project development process following a concept

Thanks to experience and knowledge acquired over years of activity, through continual research in the latest trends in fashion and printing, and having a design studio made up of designers and qualified graphic designers, we are able to offer technical and creative assistance to our customers and clothing companies for the creation of graphics/illustrations for fabrics.. Designing fabric entails a perfect knowledge of printing techniques and their reaction to the various types of fabric. Merchandising that does not give enough attention to the product, its wearability and printing will end up with products being used for cleaning car windows or worn only for cutting grass in one’s backyard!

To complete the project we also take care of:

  • design and development of the company logo and Brand Identity
  • product conception, design and development of corner exhibitions
  • design and creation of catalogues for clothing
  • promotional clothing design consistent with the concept provided by the customer.


oro_progettoVisual Design


hangtagPrice/Brand tag

packagingteePackaging Design

Our services are dedicated to Private Labels and Start Up

We admire those who have initiative, take up challenges, believe in their ideas and have the perseverence to realise them even when things go against you. For these people, we make available all of our experience and knowledge in the industry to help and orientate them in the fascinating jungle of fashion.

prototipi-01CPrototyping & Consultation

confezionesumisura-01Bespoke service
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Printing service.. From prototyping to production.

Usually used for small and medium size production. Thermal transfer printing involves precise and patient workmanship. Printing installations are not needed so this would be an excellent solution for small-scale productions. Utilised in various fields, from fashion to sport allows the realisation of prints that are truly special as in: thickened shiny or opaque plastics, glitter, relief effect, fluo, chamois, subli-stop or laminated. Definitely having visual impact, thermal transfer printing is also known for its very high resistence to washing and for its durability over time. We have provided more than 50 different types of films and we are number one in combining them together at many levels. We use the best films on the market that have by now achieved thin sections that are therefore ideal for use in the field of fashion.
Ideal for medium and large productions. It is the mother of all printing techniques and the oldest. The characteristics of silk screen printing on fabric consist in its high precision and printing quality, with the possibility also to accurately reproduce small details. It requires the implementation of a colour print structure from which the ink penetrates and fixes onto the fabric. This produces SPECIFIC SHADES OF COLOUR such as the colour Panton, on both light and dark articles of clothing. The need to produce installations makes this technique suitable for the production of medium level quantities: the greater is the quantitative, the minor is the unitary cost. Silk screen printing is applicable to almost all different types of materials. We now arrive at 8 colour printing!
Generally used for the production of small and medium circulations. Images are directly printed onto the cloth with100% ecological ink. The colour enters completely in the weave thus conferring a very soft effect to the touch since it doesn’t alter the qualities of the cloth. Truly unique colour effects and very high quality can be obtained on both white and dark cloth, made from vintage or optical printings. Digital printing DO NOT ENTAIL PRINTING EQUIPMENT COSTS, but requires a high level of knowledge in the preparation of the files. The fact that we have a highly qualified graphic studio, enables us to provide our clients with all of the necessary support for the planning and processing of files suitable for printing.
New 2017!!
Sublimation printing is permanent and does not lose its clarity and sharpness: the ink enters and becomes a a part of the structure of the fabric. A chemical reaction occurs between the ink and the fabric that is from a polyester blend. The more the fabric contains polyester, the more the printing will turn out clear and precise. It depends on the effect you want to create.
Particularly adapted for producing logos and multi-colour designs. The embroidery fase relies on high technology electronic multi-head machinery, that allow high precision embroidering up to 9 colours. The personalisation of embroidery always involves a machine, except for name embroidery with font recognised by Mac and Microsoft systems. The articles of clothing with embroidery are resistent to wear and frequent washing, provided that it is kept at low temperatures (up to 30°). It is also possible to make personalised heat-sealables or sew ons, with or without velcro, with Abercrombie style: frayed and vintage..