“Quality is what we strongly believe in and strive for so that our advice and actions might have this prerogative.”

TT-shirt was born in 2005 from an idea by Federico Bentivogli following a trip to Berlin and exactly in the district of Kreuzberg, where he had the fortune to chance upon a store that offered a printing method for t-shirts that was completely new, dynamic and immediate. Having a solid background in graphic and web design, Federico Bentivogli decided to establish TT-shirt introducing to the local market a modern concept of custom clothing which was up to now almost unknown in the area, and orientated towards businesses and the private sphere. Initially, printing services offered serigraph and heat transfer printing. Over the years, thanks to constant research on trends and in-depth analysis on market developments, TT-shirt shifted their attention to the world of fashion. Graphic design was reinforced with the introduction of professional graphic designers. A lover of art and Renaissance, Federico in 2014 chose for the new location of his showroom, a historical late seventeenth century building in the centre of Finale Emilia: Palazzo Bresciani Rodriguez. A truly unique location where art, history, creativity and technology live harmoniously together, giving life to the laboratory/showroom unique and original in its environment. Also in 2014, the team perceived the importance of giving customers the possibility to create products exactly as they want. So they began offering a customized package, 100% Made in Italy, giving customers a wide range of fabric types. In February 2015 TT-shirt launched its own line of garments completely tagless and 100% Made in Italy, destined for Private Labels. The main products are part of street and casual: t-shirts, sweartshirts and polo. TT-Shirt begins to acquire customers all over Europe.

In 2017, understanding the importance of establishing a direction towards a more green level type of production, TT-Shirt introduces in its fabric range organic cotton and polyester derived from recycled PET. Today TT-shirt offers its customers, apart from fabric print services (silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital, embroidery and sublimation) and package, a consultation service is also added for the highly skilled professional dealing with budgeting, analysis of project feasibility and up to final product production for in-store sales.